La historia de la educación en una infografía

Infographic: The History of Education

February 25, 2013 – by Caroline Vander Ark Davis

Infographic: The History of EducationThe folks at Boundless who last brought us the EdTech Buzzwords Infographic are back with The History of Education. The graphic takes a look at how formal education began, changes along the way, current day and predictions for the next twenty years. Do you agree with the predictions?

Here is what Boundless had to say about the infographic;

To understand where we’re heading in education and edtech, it’s important to look back at our educational roots. As we searched for some of most memorable moments and discoveries in the history of education, we found there are lots of things that haven’t changed in hundreds of years! The groundwork for clunky, physical textbooks was set by the Ancient Greeks, and in the Middle Ages, the lecture format of teaching emerged.

Today, we’re excited to be part of a bustling edtech community modernizing and improving education. Free digital textbooks, open online classes, and open educational resources make education more affordable and accessible for students around the globe. For a full look at the past, present, and future of education, check out the infographic below!

History of Education Infographic by Boundless

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